Advanced Separations


Separation processes are critical to the production industry but often characterized by intensive energy use leading to high operational costs. Helios-NRG is innovating in the development of membrane-based separation technologies for both gas and liquid applications. Membranes have the potential to transform industrial separations and enable new applications. 

Gas Separation Membranes Technology

  • Advanced hybrid membrane technology for Helium recovery
  • Stand-alone He production, without the need for a cryogenic unit, permitting near universal application to low purity reserves
  • Next Generation Membrane CO2/N2 Separation
  • Development of high performance novel mixed-matrix membrane (MMM) with selectivity/permeability properties outside the Robesson upper bound

Algae Dewatering Technology

  • Novel low cost/low energy algae dewatering process permitting high algae concentration/recovery and very high water recycle rates for algae cultivation
  • Superior membrane technology with enhanced antifouling properties
  • Essential for algae-based technology to be commercially successful 

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