Our Team

Ravi Prasad, PhD


 A technology leader and entrepreneur with over 60 patents and an entrepreneur with over 30 years in broad industrial experience in developing and commercializing technologies. He is former Praxair Corporate Fellow and a recognized expert in membranes, clean energy and industrial gases. Prasad is a founding member of Helios-NRG, LLC.

James J. Maloney

Vice President

An engineering and management expert with 11 patents and over 30 years in natural gas and helium recovery and upgrading, cryogenics, large-scale plant construction and operation, municipal waste water, and CO2 and algae technology. Maloney is a founding member of Helios-NRG, LLC. 

Frederick E. Harrington, PhD

Chief Scientist in Biotechnology

A business and research entrepreneur with over 40 years of advancements in algae, plants and cell culture, related to biochemistry and molecular biology, horticulture production, greenhouse construction and operation, and large-scale irrigation systems. Harrington is a ten-year member of Helios-NRG, LLC.

Benjamin Lam

Senior Project Engineering

Senior Project Engineering

A technology development expert in membrane-based separations for gas and liquid applications, in projects related to helium and CO2 purification, and algae culture, CO2 capture, dewatering, and biomass utilization. 

Tina Urso

Senior Consultant

An industrial engineering and project specialist with 13 patents and over 25 years of  engineering analysis including energy storage in areas of batteries for implantable medical devices, medical gas, and a variety of other industrial projects.  She has a deep knowledge in process and team oversight, coding for battery control, and international standards in manufacture. 

Haiqing Lin, PhD

Partner in Membrane Technology

An internationally recognized researcher and industrial developer of membranes with over 70 per reviewed publications, numerous awards and over 15 years of expertise in the areas of novel membrane construction and polymer chemistry related to operations in the areas of CO2 capture, gas and syngas separations, and anti-fouling membranes for water purification.