Algae biotech

Technology Strategy

A key limitation of current carbon capture and utilization technologies is that they incur significant capital and operating costs, but produce no revenue to offset these costs. Helios-NRG is developing a novel, algae based technology to utilize CO2 and generate value added products to significantly lower the cost of CO2 capture. 

Dewatering of algae for downstream processing is currently a significant bottleneck in commercialization. Helios-NRG is hence developing a novel dewatering process to enable step change reduction in cost and energy and permit high water and nutrient recycle.


  • Algae Culture and Photobioreactor Design
  • Harvesting and Dewatering
  • Products – biofuels, feed and nutraceuticals
  • Carbon Capture
  • Wastewater Remediation


  • Increases CO2 capture efficiency
  • Enables higher productivity
  • Greatly reduces water consumption
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Generates  valuable algae based products

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